3rd Grade wins Box Tops contest! New contest starts today!

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Thank you Blythe Park families for your participation in the Box Tops Program at school!! Each Box Top is worth $0.10 to the school. Official submissions to the Box Tops program take place twice per year: once on November 1 and the other on March 1.  We have been keeping track of the students’ progress since the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.

The November 1 collection raised $186.40 for Blythe Park! The March 1 collection raised $172.20 for Blythe Park (including $55.00 in Box Tops donated to the collection box for Blythe Park at Riverside Foods)!!

The breakdown for each class per collection period is as follows:

ECE AM: 82 + 28 = 110
ECE PM: 139 + 35 = 174
:  62 + 86 = 148
1st Grade
: 75 + 91 = 166
2nd Grade: 85 + 203 = 288
3rd Grade: 306 + 254 = 560
4th Grade:  0 + 160 = 160
5th Grade: 98 + 286 = 348

The competition was close, but the winner of the pizza party is 3rd Grade!!  (*A note to the third grade students will be sent home with information regarding the date of the pizza party.)

Congratulations to all students on your efforts to raise money for Blythe Park!! Please continue to clip those Box Tops and turn them in to school at any time!  The next competition starts NOW until May 18 for a surprise prize at the end of the year. Box Tops – Collection Sheet

Keep up the good work!

Questions? Please contact Sarah Isaacson at sarah@theisaacsons.org

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