We need bottle caps for upcoming Art Project by May 12th. Please save them and send them in!

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During the month of May, each Blythe Park student will be taking part in an Artist-in-Residence project. The project will be working to create the three tree stumps that sit right outside the entrance to Blythe at the K-2 doors into something beautiful to greet all the guests that visit Blythe Park.

The artists at the Riverside Art Center have designed a very cool “mushroom garden”. Each student will be creating a mosaic piece to include in this garden. We need your help! We have to collect enough bottle caps for every student at Blythe Park by Thursday, May 12th. So, please make sure to save and send in a bottle cap for your child.

What type of bottle caps? Check out this pictures. The more varied sizes and colors the better. So, collect and send them into the school office.



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