Posted for Review: PTA Executive Board Communications Officer

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The Blythe Park PTA Executive Board has recognized the need for a Communications Officer. Following is a description of the Communications Officer responsibilities for the general membership to review.

The PTA General Membership has 30 days to review the position description. Voting to include the Communications Officer position on the 2017-2018 PTA Executive Board slate will take place during our next general membership meeting on January 19th.

Section 5
Communications Officer
In addition to the duties in the bylaws, the Communications Officer shall:
a. Be responsible for maintaining website, including writing, editing, coding site content and ensuring it is up to date and relevant. Maintain site standards with regard to new development.
b. Produce a weekly newsletter during the school year.
c. Monitor and maintain the PTA’s email account and maintain its contact lists
d. Send reminders and last call emails based in newsletter content.
e. Maintain Google Drive and educate the PTA Board on its use.
f. Create, distribute and manage surveys, forms, sign ups, fliers for PTA events and communications.
g. Manage online payments systems
h. Give a 2 year minimum commitment to this position and train replacement

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