HighTouch HighTech classroom science demos this week.

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This week, HighTouch HighTech scientists will bring fun science experiments to Blythe Park classrooms. *Sponsored by the PTA.

Hands-on science experiments will allow students to make direct observations, manipulate materials and equipment, and develop an understanding of how science applies to daily life.

Students will be experimenting with the following topics:

  • Early Learners – Nocturnal Animals: Students will take a closer look at nocturnal animals and learn all about owls and bats.
  • Kindergarten – See Ya Later: Learn about plankton, and why almost all ocean life depends on them. Discover how marine mammals stay warm. Students will make their own reef to keep! 
  • 1st Grade – Get Buggy: Discover all the cool and creepy things bugs do. Students will make their own insect habitat and explore the many ways bugs help our world.
  • 2nd Grade – Up, Up and Away: Students will learn how aircraft take flight and the science behind helicopters, airplanes, and space ships.
  • 3rd Grade – Matter Matters: Discover all states of matter including plasma. Explore evaporation rates and the cool journey from liquid to gas.
  • 4th Grade – Dig It: Learn about gems, rocks, and minerals and where they come from. Uncover the mysteries of rock formation and crystalline structure. Pan for real gems. Classify gems and find out why they are precious.
  • 5th Grade – Forensic Fun: Students will become CSI technicians as they discover a mystery powder, teeth impressions, lip prints, dust for fingerprints, do blood typing and extract real DNA.

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